Caleb has edited hundreds of bits for Tosh.0 over 11 seasons. The centerpiece of each episode is a “Web Redemption” or “CeWebrity Profile” where host Daniel Tosh tracks down and interviews the creator or star of a viral video. Each guest is interviewed for anywhere from 20 to 70 minutes and the interview is then cut down to 3-4 minutes and has an accompanying scripted bit. Here are a few examples of some of the more memorable bits that Caleb cut for the show. Each video starts with 10-15 seconds of the guests original video or videos for context.

Thursday Lane the Fart Lover

The Jolliest Holly

Comedian Daniel Songer

Drunk Future with Doug Stanhope

Real Doll Repairman

Paul Flart

Mr. E's Life Hacks

Shuttle Launch

Mother/Son Sex Podcast


Ready to Mingle