Caleb has been an editor on many popular comedies including Rhett and Link: Commercial Kings, Comedy Death Ray, and Between Two Ferns.

In the IFC original series, Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings, hosts Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning) travel the country making off-beat commercials for small, local businesses. Caleb edited the commercials for "Ojai Valley Taxidermey" , "Roller Kingdom", "Fountain of Health", "Yoga Loka Hot Yoga" and "456-RIDE Designated Drivers”

Rhett and Link
Ojai Valley Taxidermy

Rhett and Link
Roller Kingdom

Rhett and Link
Yoga Loka Hot Yoga

Zach Galifianakis' now infamous "Between Two Ferns" started as a small but hilarious web series. Caleb edited the episode starring Jon Hamm, and co-edited the Natalie Portman and Bruce Willis episodes. He also shot episodes starring Ed Helms and Bradley Cooper.

Between Two Ferns
Jon Hamm

Between Two Ferns
Natalie Portman

Between Two Ferns
Bruce Willis

Caleb has worked on a variety of other comedy projects such as Geek and Sundry's charming series "Written by a Kid" and Crypt TV's zombie-comedy "Lab Coats" from executive producer Eli Roth.

Lab Coats:
Life after the Zombie Apocalypse

Written by a Kid
Zombie Spider